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Summer 2013: Pack Your Beach Picnic

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, we've started celebrating the unofficial beginning of Summer (even if the weather around the state leads us to believe otherwise...). The NYSOM Marketplace has everything you need for a perfect sunny day. If we were heading to the beach, we'd pack: ENGRAVED BRASS CUFF BRACELET. Before even leaving home, we would slip on this cuff to proclaim our pride of place, be it Amagansett, East Hampton, Montauk, NYC, or even the Southern Tier (there's a bracelet trio with Mark Twain quotes). Available for Men and Women. ($57.95-$147.95. Handmade in NYC by Jook & Nona.) A LINEN THROW. Lightweight enough to cover-up after a dip in the water, wide enough (72" x 54") to use as a picnic blanket, and cozy enough to snuggle under while stargazing. ($156. Handmade in NYC by Caroline Z Hurley.) WATERMELON SERVING BOWL. Slip-cast from a real watermelon, this is actual size. Great for serving -- what else? -- watermelon. If that seems too cannibalistic, it's also a great presentation for salads. ($72. Handmade in Western NY by Vegetabowls.) GRILLING PELLETS. To perk up a hum-drum BBQ with these flavor-infusing chips. They turn a grill into a smoker, thus producing a maple-flavored burger without extra calories, not that we're counting anyway... ($11.75 per package. Made in the Adirondacks by Adirondack Grilling Pellets.) HONEY KETCHUP. A great topper to the grilled meat, this all-natural ketchup is made with Catskills-raised honey. It's a sweet twist on a tangy classic. We've cleaned out two jars in as many weeks. ($23. Made in the Catskills by Catskill Provisions.) ANCHOR LETTERPRESS CARDS. Instead of reading a trashy novel, we would use the time to send a little note to friends. The nautical theme conveys a beach trip in lieu of a tacky postcard. ($14. Made in Central New York by Smock.) HOT FUDGE SAUCE: It's not a summer day without a scoop of ice cream. Since we're overachievers we drizzle fudge on top. ($15. Made in the Capital-Saratoga Region by Sundaes Best.) Pop on your shades and go!